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AI Career Advisor - Evaluate your Resume with Data Science and Statistics

Upload your resume to the app today and your cover letter and resume will be used to benchmark past successful candidates in a quantitative machine learning model. Analyze your CV using empirical model with SWOT analysis and future predictive scores. Partnered with FS Coaching.


Central Connect Community - A Forum For Aspiring High-Achievers

Connect yourself with like-minded students and industry insiders, where you can ask any career questions you want and exchange interview sources with fellow career hackers!


Latest Job Opening and Insights - Stay Ahead of The Trend

AI Job Recommender will recommend selected high quality interns to you everyday at 5pm, enabling you to capture every valuable opportunities. Our Weekly Updated Insights Articles enable you to sharpen your saw and ace the competitions.

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20+ Industry Insiders are on the Platform to Answer the Burning Questions You Have.


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Meet with Fellow Career Hackers and Ask Any Career Related Questions You Want in Central Connect Community.

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Gain Access to Our Proprietary AI Advisor and Path Finder.

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